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A 5-Year-Old's Brainwaves Power This Synesthetic Music Visualizer

Artist Peter Crnokrak is using EEGs to translate music into mesmerizing visuals.
Image: Creative Commons via Flickr user thinker thing

A sea of particles morphing to the beat of a 5-year-old's brianwaves put a synaptic twist on music visualizers in genetecist-turned-artist Peter Crnokrak's new video "What Need Angel" based on the music of Burial. "The piece is essentially a form of engineered synesthesia," he explains to The Creators Project.

The son of a close friend, the child was vital to the project, says Crnokrak. "I wanted to use a subject that was not too old and thus prejudicial with regard to the type of music being listened to." In a two-part experiment, Crnokrak says he visualized EEG data of the 5-year-old's brainwaves while listening to music by Burial in a dark room. Then he exposed him to a series of flashing colors and shapes without any sounds. Some of the readings matched up between the audio and visual brainwaves, and the artist used those congruences to build a "visual transcription of the music experience."


Watch the results below:

See more of Peter Crnokrak's work on his website.

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