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'Skin Deep' Turns Your Body into a 3D Canvas

The project, designed by Rosalie Yu and Alon Chitayat, uses 3D scanning and texture mapping to create collaborative works of art.
March 4, 2015, 8:30pm

Skin Deep is a series of collaborative self-portraits that use 3D scanning and texture mapping to transform the body into a three-dimensional drawing surface. Designed by ITP students Rosalie Yu and Alon Chitayat, the interactive project invited children and fellow students to draw on and paint over the artists' 3D images, resulting in a series of works that are colorful, playful, and sometimes even horrifying.


"Skin Deep explores the core value of one’s self after peeling away layers of consciousness to reveal vulnerability, and how this transformation provides a new way of seeing," its creators explain on the project's website. "It raises up the question whether it is the skin or the body which defines us, and invites artists to participate in the creative process of creating a self-portrait," explains Chitayat.

Check out some images from Skin Deep:

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