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The All-Seeing Surveillance Eye Is Tackled In Jud Turner's Impressive Sculpture

Subtlety be damned in the "Blind Eye Sees All (No Secrets Anymore)," a sculpture that references illegal surveillance.
June 2, 2014, 1:20pm

Surveillance is currently—for obvious reasons—a hot topic, promoting a myriad of artists to make it the subject and of their work. From a man who's selling prosthetics masks of his face in an anti-facial recognition piece, or photographer Trevor Paglen, who takes photos of secret, underground agencies like the NSA headquarters, surveillance has become a focal point for more and more artists, and sculptor Jud Turner recently released his own addition to this particular genre.


Referring to the illegal surveillance undertaken by the NSA and GCHQ the sculptue, called Blind Eye Sees All (No Secrets Anymore), is a mixed media mass of lens with a single eye staring out of each.

There's no messing around with subtely here, its meaning is clear for us all to see but it's an impactful, eye-catching (yep, I went there) piece. He's also released a series of mini-sculptures (bottom image below) based on the piece to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit defending civil liberties in the digital world.

Even if this work is a non-functioning art object—we can't help but imagine what type of amazing panoramic video a structure like this could capture. See some photos of Turner's work below.

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