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HaKU's New Music Video Doubles As Awesome ASCII Art

The newest video from the Japanese power pop-rock foursome features our favorite old school technique: text art.
April 10, 2014, 4:15pm

If there's one Unifying Principle of Internet, it's this: ASCII, and you shall recieve.

At least that's the case for fans of Japanese pop-rockers HaKU. After their last transmedia video saw the flashy-guitared foursome taking Kinect hacks to soaring new heights, the gang are back with "The Day," an interactive music video experience that combines footage of the band with one of our favorite forms of text art.

Heralded as "the music video you can copy&paste!" "The Day" brings a clever update to one of the earliest digital artmaking practices in existence. Decked out for maximum shareability, HaKU's official website even features a special ASCII art-maker alongside the video.

Love it or hate it, HaKU's "The Day" breathes the right kind of innovation to old-school tech art, making it undeniably one of the coolest things you'll watch all day.

To enjoy "The Day" in all its textual glory, head over to their official website. Just don't blame us if you spend the next four hours making ASCII art. 


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