Cancer, October 2015
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Cancer, October 2015

Last month left you rattled, Cancer, but I promise that October will be a much smoother ride than what you've been used to lately.
October 1, 2015, 7:00am

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Last month left you rattled, Cancer, but this month is really easy, especially after all that drama you just went through! Yes, October begins with Mercury retrograde, and yes, everyone knows Mercury retrograde is evil (not really), but I promise that October will be a much smoother ride than you've been used to lately.


Mercury is currently retrograde in Libra, which means you will be reconsidering the partnerships that you're in; reconnecting with old friends and lovers; and revisiting old places, homes, or ideas around safety, security and family. This Mercury retrograde is big around home or family themes. Think back to last October 2014: How does what you're going through now relate to that time period? There's likely a connection or a repeat in issues you're working with.

Mercury goes direct on October 9, so you'll feel some forward movement around then. Venus enters Virgo the day before, on October 8, and some messages about love, beauty, or prosperity (you know, all the Venusian good stuff) should be coming your way. Between harmony loving Venus entering minimalist Virgo, and communicator Mercury ending its retrograde in the sign of partnership, Libra, the best advice I can offer you, Cancer, is to clean up and refocus your commitments. Maybe this means dropping a few projects, agreements, or even relationships. Maybe this means clarifying your boundaries or desires.

Speaking of boundaries, meditating on them will be very beneficial for you this month, especially when Venus squares Saturn on October 10. This combination could create some blockages in your life or bring up some fears: Saturn loves to say no, but Venus wants, wants, wants combine the two, and you could end up with a temper tantrum. Balance this energy by not acting like a three-year-old (let's be real, even though you are the "mom" of the zodiac, you can also be a big baby sometimes). Approach all the situations in your life maturely and responsibly. Boundaries can be good, but, of course, they can be terrbile if they are keeping you in when you want to get out. On October 10, Cancer, think seriously: Are the boundaries you have in your life working for you? Too many walls up? Or too many down?


Also on October 10, you might find a conversation you're hoping to have isn't going anywhere and that your normal routine is facing some sort of blockage. Today isn't the best day to take action—you likely won't get what you want. But, again, it's an excellent day for deep thinking about the structures in your life and wondering if they are supporting you and making you happy.

The mood seriously improves the next day, when abundant Jupiter trines power planet Pluto on October 11. Communication in your relationships will receive a major boost. Breakthroughs and a-ha moments will abound. Whatever sticky boundary issues, or no answers, you received on the previous day could be worked through very well on October 11.

New beginnings will come your way during the New Moon in Libra on October 12. Remember all that home and family stuff you were working with over the last few weeks, especially with Mercury retrograde? A fresh start begins now around all these home issues. The next day, October 13, when Mercury in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius, the good vibes around home and family will continue when you receive some help or support that will really help you create a new, strong structure in your everyday life.

The Sun enters fellow Water sign Scorpio October 23, which will bring you a sexy, creative, flirtatious month of fun and adventure— yay! You deserve it, Cancer… you've been stuck at home for a long time now, reconsidering and reworking the agreements and foundations in your life. Now, finally, you'll get a chance to play. Your sex life will enjoy and upswing, and so will your creativity—expect to feel alive. Yes, the leaves on the trees are dead, and the Day of the Dead is around the corner, but life has never felt so vibrant, little crab! The sign Scorpio is associated with rebirth, and reinvigoration is certainly on the way for you during the Sun's transit through this deep and mysterious sign.

Some unexpected news may come your way when Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries on October 25. You usually react to surprises with a cool head—you are ruled by the Moon, after all, so ups and downs, high tides and low tides, are a part of life you understand. However, this surprise may be a little irritating or even shocking. It's important during confrontations like the one you may face on October 25 for you to try to find middle ground or to strive for some kind of compromise. This news will likely involve your home/work balance, and, jeez, have you been working a lot of the home end—not that you've had any choice (thanks Mercury retrograde)! On the 25th, give some deep consideration to the work end of the spectrum. Breaking free or doing it alone are themes that might be on the table. I don't know if it's you who's desiring this, or if this will be the surprise that comes to you, but what I can tell you is that independence, autonomy, and respect will be important themes to find a middle ground on.

While the news or situation will be surprising in some way, I don't think it will work out too badly. Also on October 25, the planet of all things good and lovely, Venus, meets with the planet of all things great and lucky, Jupiter. Beauty, love, prosperity, and harmony are all things people want plenty of today—and it shouldn't be too hard to find it. People might overdo it when it comes to feeling good or luxurious. You, in particular, Cancer, might find yourself overdoing it when it comes to talking or sharing your feelings. Do you really want to send that mushy text message? Be sure to think it over and not get carried away… but, hey, even if you do, the cosmos are encouraging us to indulge, so, whatever!

Your social life gets an exciting boost during the Full Moon in Taurus October 27. Some things may be brought to your attention (as Full Moons always do, especially for you, Cancer, being that the Moon is your ruling planet) and you may find yourself needing to make some decisions. Peace ought to be your mantra. Everything ends: The Sun in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, reminds us of this every Autumn. Since you know you'll eventually say goodbye to the things, people, and places you love (or that you fear or hate), try to maintain peace in your dealings with all of it. Don't try to stuff down or ignore your feelings (that's impossible for Water sign Cancer to do anyway). Instead, be reflective and surround yourself with peace, whatever that means for you.

The month begins with you reworking a lot of things concerning your home and family— do you want to keep those commitments, those relationships, that apartment? You'll work it out this month, Cancer, and you'll even find some time to flirt and create. The month ends with you doing a lot of thinking and talking, which makes sense, because Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all in smartypants Virgo. Your mind is sharp as hell, and you're eager to share your thoughts and ideas. It's not always easy for you to express yourself, Cancer—have you ever met a real life crab at the beach that had teeth or a tongue? No way… so value your teeth and tongue at the end of this month, Cancer. Your foundations will be firm (home and fam all good), so I think you can take a risk and say what you think!