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Lil Yachty Tells Snoop That His Debut ‘Teenage Emotions’ is “All Over the Place”

Lil Boat talks about forthcoming album 'Teenage Emotions'

At the end of last week, while everyone listened to Kendrick Lamar's new DAMN Lil Yachty released two new singles. "Peek a Boo" featuring Migos and "Harley" are the first two tracks from Lil Boat's forthcoming debut album Teenage Emotions. As he begins to make his rounds to promote the album, Yachty stopped by Snoop Dogg's GGN show to give Uncle Snoop some insight into what he's been working on. "Capturing all aspects of teenagers and what they go through: turnt, heartbreak, happiness, sadness. It's not a one lane album. It's all over the place," Yachty said of Teenage Emotions. The two also discussed Yachty's Creative Designer position at Nautica, how he came up with a plan to brand himself, and how to deal with naysayers. Watch the full interview below.


Photo: Screengrab of interview via YouTube

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