Weekly Horoscope: June 13 - 19

There's a righteous, passionate full moon in Sagittarius.

The planet of communication and commerce, Mercury, enters its home sign Gemini at 11:26 AM on Monday: The coming weeks are useful for expressing ideas, and even selling or buying things. There are now four planets in their home signs: Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, and Saturn in Aquarius! Everything in its right place.

The full moon in Sagittarius falls on Tuesday, June 14, at 7:51 AM: Full moons are moments of release and endings, and this one illuminates the tension between what is righteous and what is practical. Some big ideas are finally being expressed. People are very sure of their instincts and ideas, and professing them loud and clear.


On Thursday, June 18, the sun harmonizes with Saturn, the planet of rules, at 3:13 AM, making it easy to find peace with limitations. People are setting boundaries and comfortable with saying “no.” Justice is served. Also on Thursday, the sun clashes with Neptune at 9:41 AM, bringing a vibe shift that’s stimulating for art and fashion. On an individual level, however, it can reveal toxic beliefs.

On Saturday, June 19, love planet Venus clashes with cold Saturn at 5:31 PM. Sacrifice is necessary in many art forms and relationships, but some things are not worth the wait. What good are life’s pleasures in the long haul? It’s challenging to live in the moment if you’re stuck wondering about the future, but intention can be beautiful.

Venus connects with dreamy Neptune on Sunday, June 20, at 12:06 AM—this is extremely sensitive, emotionally. Limits are being put in place to protect feelings of vulnerability or insecurity. This can be a romantic feeling, though, since empathy is heightened.

All times ET.

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Aries glyph


The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius lights up your chart’s house of beliefs and higher learning. You’re ready to share things that you’ve learned, either from experience or studies. This can be a moment of “graduation”, where you’re ready to move on to the next level and show the world your skills. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, clashes with Saturn, the planet of restrictions, which can make things feel limited or tight. This is helpful if you are lacking discipline or focus, but it can also feel like there are heavy consequences for things that are pleasurable. Remember to do what Aries does best, and live in the moment.

Taurus glyphs


The full moon illuminates your chart’s financial axis, bringing conversations about money and sharing to a climax. This can be a time when you are extra tuned into what other people have, which can make it difficult to mind your own business and be grateful for your own life. The sun harmonizes with serious Saturn, bringing law and order into your career and finances. You’re able to see long-term goals and invest your time and energy wisely. Be extra gentle with yourself as your planetary ruler Venus clashes with Saturn. High standards give quality results, but sometimes just trying your best is good enough! Don’t stop yourself because you’re afraid of what the public will think.

Gemini glyph


Mercury comes home to your sign, Gemini, giving you the ability to express your thoughts swiftly and fluently. It’s an easy time to express your identity and even communicate your position in a way that’s integral and intelligent. The full moon lights up your chart’s relationships axis, bringing important interpersonal commitments to completion. This is a good moment to practice gratitude for other people in your life and everything they’ve given you. The sun harmonizes with Saturn, bringing law and order to your faraway travels and higher knowledge. You are able to fit into the system and integrate. The sun clashes with Neptune, which can inspire you to make a change in order to avoid being misunderstood.

Cancer glyph


The full moon in Sagittarius brings important work projects and tasks to completion. You’re ready to move onto the next one, since things are wrapping up. This also marks a time when you can check in on your health and vitality. Getting a checkup or simply checking on your body can give you plenty of information about your overall wellness. Venus, the planet of desires, clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries. You might find that you run up against some dead ends or road blocks whenever you are trying to reach your goal, and some rerouting may be required. It’s a long journey, but there is a lot of patience and focus to tap into.

Leo glyph


The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius lights up your chart’s house of creativity and sexuality. This is an eventful one, bringing clarity and passion around your social life. The sun harmonizes with Saturn, bringing law and order to your relationships and the vision that you have for the future. Your partners are a major source of support and you’re able to sync up and work together on your hopes and dreams. Look out for feelings of insecurity and vulnerability as the sun clashes with Neptune—maybe you’re picking up on someone else’s feelings as your own, since it’s a very empathetic aspect. Changes are being made to your relationships, publicly, as Venus clashes with Saturn. It’s official.

Virgo glyph


Your planetary ruler Mercury enters its home sign Gemini, helping your ideas reach the public quickly and coherently. This is a time when you are able to have your ideas heard and seen from the farthest possible distance. To balance it, however, there is a sensitivity and connection to your home and private life. The full moon in Sagittarius calls your attention to your domestic affairs. Being so public and outside brings forth a desire to touch your roots and have time for rest. The sun harmonizes with Saturn, bringing law and order to your job and career affairs. You’re seeing what you do and do not have time for on a day-to-day basis, and what responsibilities you can ideally fulfill.

Libra glyph


The full moon brings important conversations to a close as it lights up your chart’s communication sector. Things are making sense! This is a time when you are able to take big concepts and bring them down to earth for practical use. Maybe it’s time to take a look at certain contracts or agreements and rehash them so they reflect your beliefs more accurately. Your planetary ruler Venus clashes with serious Saturn, which can bring up some tough feelings around trust and intimacy. There is something very dignified and chic about exclusivity and high standards. Consider whether your desires are alienating, or if they support your connection and sharing with others. Protecting yourself from feeling vulnerable is fine whenever there’s a threat, but consider what the dangers actually are.

Scorpio glyph


The full moon illuminates your chart’s financial axis, bringing clarity around your resources. Important conversations about your most valuable resources—not just financial ones, but also abstract ones like time and self-esteem—reach a climax. The sun harmonizes with Saturn, bringing law and order to changes and endings that are happening. There’s a sense of security and acceptance that everything will come back around again. You are moving toward commitments in relationships as love planet Venus clashes with Saturn, pushing you to seal the deal. Having an ultimatum, or hanging one over someone else’s head, isn’t always the most romantic or pleasant vibe, but it can bring a sense of security and protection.

Sagittarius glyph


This week gives you a new understanding of your partnerships and where you stand in them. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Gemini, beginning new conversations. Let other people talk. The full moon in your sign gives you a clear sense of yourself and your identity, which helps you relate to others. The sun harmonizes with Saturn, grounding your relationships with rational rules and boundaries. This could also mean you are moving forward with a contract. The sun clashes with Neptune, bringing you insight into how your imagination plays into ideals and feelings. This can help you wake up from misconceptions about others and yourself.

Capricorn glyph


The full moon illuminates a secret, mysterious sector of your chart and can bring some hidden information to the surface. Something that you never got to see is coming into frame, making itself known for you to understand better. You are viewing something that is hidden or covert, or even taking some time alone to reflect on your own emotions. Mental health is cared for. You’re seriously investing in your social and creative lives as pleasure planet Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of commitments. You are either making moves toward things that you want—dropping cash on things that make you happy—or maybe recognizing what you’re afraid of losing. In either case, it’s better to shoot your shot and miss than to never take the chance.

Aquarius glyphs


The full moon in Sagittarius can be a lot of fun as it illuminates your chart’s house of community. This is the climax of Gemini season, one of the most creative and fun times for Aquarius. This full moon also corresponds with goals and dreams being fulfilled. Give yourself a pat on the back, and celebrate your accomplishments. The sun harmonizes with Saturn, bringing law and order to your identity and self-expression. You are able to understand yourself and your desires on an intellectual level. You’re seeing what your long-term commitments look like, and how things might need to change if you want them to stick around forever as pleasure planet Venus clashes with serious Saturn.

Pisces glyph


Mercury, the planet of communication, goes home to your chart’s house of home and family. New conversations are opening up on the domestic front. This is a good time to investigate and ask questions about your childhood and ancestry. The full moon brings public matters to a head as it illuminates your chart’s house of career and fame. Put yourself—and your feelings—out there! The sun harmonizes with Saturn, bringing law and order to your private affairs. Secrets are being squared away neatly and there is a better perspective of what needs to be talked about in order to feel secure and stable. You’re gaining a better understanding of your ego and impressions that were made on you as the sun clashes with Neptune. You might be in a silly, goofy mood.