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What is Vampr, the LinkedIn of the Music Industry?

Pronounced "vamp-er" not "vampire," the app is for musicians (professional and amateur) looking to network, collab, and get their music to market.
Ian Burke
Brooklyn, US
What is Vampr, the LinkedIn of the Music Industry?
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Calling all career musicians: You know when you’re hanging out with your normie buds who work nine-to-five jobs, and somehow they get to talking about online networking and “building” and all that boring corporate stuff? Been there, and while it’s not the most interesting of subjects to talk about at the bar, we’re often left wondering why there isn't some sort of online platform specifically designed for musicians of all levels to connect with each other. Well, it turns out there is; in the year of our Lord 2022, this prayer has been answered. Meet Vampr—better known as the “Linkedin for musicians.”


Basically, Vampr (pronounced "vamp-er," not "vampire")  is an app for musicians (professional and amateur) looking to network, collab, and get their music to market. That means you can finally stop scrolling Craigslist and posting to local Facebook groups when you’re in need of a sound engineer, a music industry mentor, or a drummer that doesn’t show up hammered to rehearsal. 

The app has become surprisingly popular, garnering around 1.1 million users since it hit virtual shelves back in 2020. It also boasts features including Vampr Pro (a premium subscription service upgrade) and Vampr Publishing (the brand’s distribution team), which gives you access to an A&R team—meaning you’ll get a chance for your music to (potentially, of course) be heard by music industry executives looking to place your tunes for larger opportunities. 

Now, if your career is still in the garage its infancy—or you’re just starting to get serious about making a living in the music biz—you’re probably going to want some info on how everything works. The problem is, if you knew all of the experts and influential people in the music industry, you wouldn’t need a networking app, and you’d probably be too busy planning your next tour date to bother reading this article. But don’t worry: Vampr knows we’re not all the children of rock stars, which is why today, the brand is launching its newest feature: Vampr Academy, an educational streaming platform that allows artists and aspiring career musicians to watch video lessons taught by industry experts. 


$23.99$19.99 at Vampr

$23.99$19.99 at Vampr

Subscribers are able to access an immersive music industry learning experience that includes detailed video courses and lectures on topics ranging from “Contracts and the Recorded Music Industry” and “Representation and Management” to “Recordings and Record Companies,” “Understanding Music Publishing,” and more. But it’s not just a video show—it’s an academy, dude, which means members can engage with real-life instructors and ask questions through the dedicated discussion rooms and during the regular live Q&A sessions. 

You’ll also have extra material at your disposal, including templates, cheat sheets, checklists, exclusive sessions, newsletters, and access to a community of like-minded creatives. Plus, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Vampr Pro, the upgraded premium service of the Vampr app. 

Music is a tough biz, but if Vampr becomes the true LinkedIn of the industry, just remember that a hell of a lot of people really have gotten solid jobs through LinkedIn. Don't quit your barista gig yet, but hey, it's worth a shot. 

Head to Vampr to sign up for Vampr Academy and peruse the rest of the site's music industry networking resources. 

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