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This Hip-Hop Track Has Better OPSEC Advice Than Most Guides Out There

“Never trust nobody. IRC is bad luck when you chat too much.”

Being a hacker is tough. Sure, if you're good at what you do—and don't mind breaking the law—you can make enough cash to buy a few fancy cars, or perhaps even help swing an election.

But if you're that good, the feds are always on the prowl for you. And one day, when you least expect it, your face might end up on a most wanted poster or worse, you could get busted. The really good hackers are the ones that have the stricter OPSEC, military jargon for operations security, or the process, protocols, and procedures to stay safe and protect a mission.


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A few years ago, security researcher and OPSEC expert The Grugq referenced Biggie Smalls' song "The Ten Crack Commandments" in a talk and a blog post about hacker OPSEC, adapting it for the hacker world. The hip hop duo Dual Core noticed it and The Grugq suggested someone should make a "The 10 Hack Commandments" version of Smalls' song.

Now, Dual Core has finally done it. On Monday, the duo released a song titled "0x0A Hack Commandments" (0x0A is hexadecimal for 10).

"That talk was the inspiration, coupled of course with the classic song by B.I.G.," Dual Core's member int80 told Motherboard.

The Grugq said that he had talked to int80 about collaborating on it, "But he did fine without me."

Other than having the same addictive beat than Small's original, the song contains solid advice.

"Never trust nobody, IRC is bad luck when you chat too much," the duo sings, referring to the popular chat protocol used by countless hackers over the years, including those who were part of Anonymous and Lulzsec. In 2012, some of them were busted after communicating via IRC with an FBI informant.

The duo also suggests to never to hacks "where you rest at," to "randomize" the nicknames and handles you use online, and to keep your identities separated. Most of all, as The Grugq likes to repeat as well, shutting the hell up is one of the golden rules.

Of course, no matter what you do, Dual Core warns, "they found [Silk Road's founder] DPR, they'll come find you."

You can listen to Dual Core's song on YouTube, or download it for free here.

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