Sagittarius, October 2015
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Sagittarius, October 2015

September was action-packed. October is filled with its own battles, but it's way chiller in comparison.
October 1, 2015, 7:00am

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September was a crazy month: Two eclipses occurred (life will never be the same!); Mercury went retrograde in Libra (it started on September 17, and will continue until October 9); and, Saturn, the planet of maturity, wisdom, and boundaries, entered your sign (where it will remain until December 17, 2017).


We tend of think of Sagittarius is being optimistic, free spirited, and outgoing. However, as Leisa Schaim, a Sagittarius astrologer who has actually done a lot of work with Saturn, told me in a recent conversation, astrologers tend overemphasize the extroverted, jolly side of Sag. It's true: Having your Sun in Sagittarius does not automatically mean you'll be an extroverted, party-crashing Centaur at all times. According to Schaim, Sagittarians are seekers—and not just of open bars. Their search is often very meaningful and intellectual or even spiritual. There's a deep-thinking, often introverted, side of Sag that's not celebrated nearly as much as the other. Saturn will be your new best friend for the next two or so years. While it'll force you to face your fears and conquer some obstacles, it will also bring out a much more mature, wiser, and seriously-seeking side of you.

October is filled with opportunities to show off your inner HBIC, starting with Venus entering Virgo on October 8. Venus and Virgo are a funny combination: One's a seducer and the other's a virgin. In any case, Venus is the planet of prosperity, beauty, love and basically all things good. When it's in the sign of the worker bee, that only spells out positive things for your career, your reputation, and your goals in general. Organized, clean and minimal, perfected and cared for: These are all words that come to mind when reflecting on the Virgo archetype, and I'm happy to report that Venus's entry into this sign suggests you can expect these sorts of blessings in your work life over the next few weeks! Virgo can be a critical, nitpicking energy, and this sometimes doesn't vibe well with Venus. Unfortunately, this might get under your skin as well, Sag—try not to let the little things bother you during this transit. Instead, be glad that they're little! Little is easy to clean up and fix, right? And cleaning and fixing (especially in the realm of fame and fortune) is what this energy will be all about for you!


Mercury went retrograde in social, charming Air sign Libra last month, but it goes direct on October 9— so you only have about a week left of people complaining that the retrograde has ruined everything for them. Anyway, how will this retrograde hit you? You'll see some shifts and changing in your social circle, and you'll likely reconnect with some acquaintances, giving you another opportunity to get to know them better. You've likely reimagined some of your dreams and goals for the future, and you've probably reconsidered whether or not the groups or associations you belong to are furthering your goals. You're not a social climber by any means—you're too honest for that! However, you might have reached a point in your life where you would rather have lunch with someone who's connected to your goals than your friend from high school who's smart and funny, but who doesn't have much to offer you in terms of inspiration around what you're doing now. No worries; don't feel shitty about it. The pendulum always swings. Some time in the future, your old friends who have nothing to do with your goals will be the most refreshing and awesome people to be around!

Venus in Virgo squares Saturn in Sag on October 10. Saturn, as we know, is the taskmaster of the zodiac, while Venus is more of an indolent vibe. But what's funny here is that lovely Venus is in Virgo, the sign of service, while Saturn, the planet of confinement, is in Sagittarius, an untethered Fire sign. That's a lot to think about, isn't it, Sag? In any case, squares create tension, and tension between these two planets is lame. Expect to hear lots of no's, to possibly feel a little unseen or unloved, or to just be generally annoyed. In addition, a situation might come up today that pushes you to reconsider how you present yourself, but luckily, Sag, you're reading this horoscope and you're forewarned!


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will trine Pluto on October 11, the day after Venus and Saturn's clash. Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance, and Pluto is all about power. Trines create a sense of ease—things just click. What this spells for you, Sag, is domination, particularly in the realm of finances and career (I bet this inspires a little more flexibility around adjusting your reputation and the way you're perceived at work and by the public, too)!

In general, there's quite a bit on conservative energy in the air. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, the sign of industry and tradition. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in minimalist Virgo. And, last but not least, mature, buttoned-down Saturn is in your sign. I'm not suggesting you'll become totally square, but, Sag, is there a side of yourself that falls in line with these themes? If so, now is the right time to explore that side: You'll find that it benefits you tremendously, both professionally and personally.

We have a New Moon in Libra on October 12, which will bring fresh energy to your social life. The themes you were working with during Mercury retrograde (September 17 through October 9) will also find some kind of fresh start. If you've been thinking about joining a club relating to something you're interested in, now is actually an awesome time to do it.

Mars, the warrior, is in Virgo and will meet Jupiter (also in Virgo) on October 17; about a week later, on October 25, Venus in Virgo will also meet Jupiter. Jupiter is your ruling planet, so we're always excited when it sees some action—it means you can expect some in your life! Again, all these Virgo vibes are manifesting in your career and your popularity, and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. People know who you are—or, rather, they will later this month, especially if you're working towards that sort of goal.

The Sun slinks into Scorpio on October 23, upping your psychic abilities, making you a little bit sleepier, and likely encouraging your paranoia, but also inspiring some beautiful, dreamy bits of poetry from your always-creative mind. Scorpio isn't afraid to go deep and examine the freaky, dark sides of itself. The Sun's transit through Scorpio might illuminate some shadier, less often examined parts of you, too, Sag.

Speaking of illumination, there's a Full Moon in Taurus on October 27. While your mind will begin wandering toward the darkness (the sun is setting earlier each day, have you noticed?), the Full Moon will ask you to also remember to enjoy your physical senses. Find balance between the emotional, scorpion realm and your five senses—after you spend all afternoon in deep meditation, indulge in some treats on the couch with the remote like a true Taurus. Meditating on how to find a happier, healthier work/life balance is also very important during this Full Moon; without such a balance, you won't have the energy for the physical pleasures life has to offer, nor will you have enough time for rest and alone time.

September was action-packed. October, while it is filled with its own battles, is way chiller in comparison. A lot of fresh starts and changes are in the air: Who do you want to be in this new chapter in your life? How you do you want to be seen? What do you want to be known for? What're you seeking, sage Sag? Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll find it!