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Everything is OK, Because it Looks Like FKA twigs and Oneohtrix Point Never are Working Together

Who knew a two second Instagram video could be so exciting?
April 13, 2016, 1:44pm

Here at THUMP we're not usually ones to get excited about two seconds of an Instagram video, but in the name of content, there's a first time for everything.

After releasing two of last year's standout releases in the shape of "M3LL155X" and "Garden Of Delete" respectively, it looks like FKA twigs and Oneohtrix Point Never may have finally got together to create something beautiful and almost definitely very weird.

In a clip posted on both of their Instagram accounts, we're generously treated to a minimal slice of whatever the pair are cooking up – although we have absolutely no clue what that is. Press play on the clip below, listen to the most frustratingly intriguing two seconds of audio you'll hear all day and pray that we get something a little more extensive from the pair soon. Here's that clip now, just in case you don't trust us.

Bring on the next two seconds!

We'll keep you posted on this one.