This story is over 5 years old.

Stop What You're Doing and Stream Boiler Room's 5 Year Anniversary Parties

From the dancefloor to the couch—it's going down.

Boiler Room turned five this year, and the celebrations are finally upon us. After lots of anticipatory buzz, and even some mashup supercuts, it's now time for everyone to dance. The team is hosting a slew of international parties this evening, popping off around London, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles, in real time. In gloriously mysterious fashion, the setlists have remained private, but you can surely bet the tunes will be of the utmost quality.


Whether you're jumping on your couch, office desk, or are one of the lucky folks to be there IRL (if that's true get off your phone), join the party in Berlin, Toyko, and London which are going on right now. New York is set to begin shortly.