This story is over 5 years old.

Shirtless Man Yelling "Less Donald Trump, More Techno Music" Gets Turned Into an Actual Techno Song

A propulsive remix of a flamboyant political protest.

Back in February a video surfaced of a shirtless individual named Patrick McCann chanting "less Donald Trump, more techno music" on a crowded train. That's a political and artist sentiment we co-sign 100% here at THUMP, so we're excited to see a producer who goes by Mr. Finn help bring this dream to life with a pulsing remix. He expands the initial 15-second clip to a full minute, throwing the vocal through a filter and layering it over a propulsive instrumental. The video combines footage of McCann's stunt with other clips of flamboyant subway performances and even a stray clip of Mr. Robot. Check it out above, and take a look at the original clip below.