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Remember 2004? La Fleur Filled Out a Myspace Survey for Us

What better way to get the dirt on your favorite Watergate resident?
January 29, 2014, 4:00am

Remember the Myspace days? We were digging through our old social networks the other day and realized that we can get more dirt on your favorite DJs with a tween-baiting questionnaire than with a boring old interview, so we're gonna make them fill out some surveys for us. Make sure not to leave it open while there's a POS.

Even resident DJs at internationally famous European megaclubs have backup careers. For La Fleur, a resident at Watergate in Berlin, Plan B involves going back to her former day job as a pharmacist. Luckily, her efforts as a DJ, producer, and head of the Power Plant label are taking off, so seems like she won't need to fall back on alchemy. Next month, the Swedish native is set to release a remix for classic house legend Kerri Chandler. We tracked her down before she jetted off to a weekend gig in Italy and accosted her with questions about her personal life, most of which were culled from old Myspace surveys.

*SHORT QUESTIONS SURVEY* Do you sleep with or without clothes on? Without Do you prefer black or blue pens? Neither Do you dress up on Halloween? If the party is good yes Do you like to travel? Yes Do you like someone? Yes Do they know? Yes Who sleeps with you every night? No one Do you think you're attractive? Yes Do you want to get married? Yes To: The man who makes me laugh, feel safe and satisfied. Are you a good student? Yes Are you currently happy? Yes Have you ever cheated?? Been cheated on? Yes and not that I know of Birthplace? Örebro, Sweden Christmas or Halloween? Christmas Colored or black-and-white photo? Colored Do long distance relationships work? For a while Do you believe in astrology? Partly Do you believe in love at first sight? Not love, but heavy attraction that can turn into love Do you consider yourself the life of the party? Yes Do you drink? Yes Do you make fun of people? No Do you think dreams eventually come true? Yes Favorite fictional character? Can't think of anyone right now.. Go to the movies or rent? Go to the movies Have you ever moved? Yes, many times Have you ever stolen anything? No, not on purpose How's the weather right now? Beautiful Last time you cut your hair? 3 months ago Last person you talked to on the phone? Justin Last time you showered? This morning Loud or soft music? Depends on the sitation. Mcdonalds or Burger King? Neither Night or day? Both Number of pillows? Two Piano or guitar? Piano Future job? Health freak coach / DJ granny / Back to being a pharmacist Current job? DJ / producer /label boss Current love? Justin Current longing? To see my love Current disappointment? None Current annoyance? -- Last thing you ate? Home made vegetarian burger Last thing you bought? Coconut oil Most recent thing you are looking forward to? To finish the remix for one of my favorite DJ/producers What are you hearing right now? The silence Plans for the weekend? Playing in Italy What did you do today? 1.5 hr walk in the forest, a Skype meeting and said yes to being an ambassador for a remix contest, answering interviews and answering emails Pick a lyric, any lyric or song: song, the title says it all: Yo La Tengo - "I Heard You looking" Pick a movie quote: "My preeecioooooouuuuuuss" Analog or digital? both! Favorite software to produce with: Logic 9, Trilian from Spectrasonics and Synplant from Sonic Charge. Berghain or Panorama Bar? Panorama Bar to play and for Sunday dancing. Berghain for an adrenaline kick once in a while. Clubs or festivals? Festivals for the open space, nature feeling, and clubs for the intimate, sweaty, dark interaction.

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