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Watch The Peak Twins' Throwback Video for "Pump Me Up"

Hey yung'ns, this is what the 90s were like.
July 8, 2014, 6:00pm

Why create a video homage to 90s raves when you can take the viewer right there, into the sweaty dungeon of the rave? The Peak Twins managed to dig up some dusty old footage and in their newest video for "Pump Me Up," the duo take us right into the baggy-pants-and-tracksuit-wearing unjudgemental debauched depths of the 90s rave. A classic, stripped-down house track that builds with cowbells, vocal snippets, zips and zaps before transforming into a beat of full-on chants brings up back to a time long gone, but more idolized than forgotten."Pump Me Up" is both nostalgic and of-the-moment, energizing and thoughtful throughout.


It's no real surprise the refreshing look at house comes via The Peak Twins, a duo of the New Yorker's Lloydski and TK Lawrence. They've been involved and invested in the city's dance music scene for over 15 years, but in the current musical climate where they see most house as either "deep" or "hard," the duo are looking to explore the lighter side of the genre with their debut album out this July.

And if you're into this, keep listeing to The Peak Twins on SoundCloud. The duo are also hosting a release party for their debut album at Output's The Stilton House this Thursday (7/10) so you can live out your Technicolor 90s rave dreams IRL.

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