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Watch My Nu Leng's Surrealist Sojourn to the Underbelly of India

The UK bassline duo stumbled into their own version of Heart of Darkness on their recent tour to the subcontinent.

Things got kind of heavy when we sent a video crew along with Black Butter's grimiest house duo, My Nu Leng, to India recently. The duo behind dark and whompy bassline classics like "Knowing" and "Masterplan" sojourned to the subcontinent for a four-date tour, put on in collaboration with Oji.

In between the comfort of late night DJ sets, the duo of Jammo and Tommy found themselves in a different kind of underground––The black markets of Mumbai and the Great Royal Circus of New Delhi.

"It's a bit weird. It's kind of hard to watch at times," the duo said of the legendary circus that features frog-men and beasts made up of multiple humans joined together. The duo seemed earnestly taken aback at the discrepancy between rich and poor and how their music even made it to the subcontinent in the first place. "It's kind of mind-blowing," they admit.