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Versatile Records to Reissue Classic Daft Punk Remix on Vinyl

This will be the first in a series of remastered vinyl represses celebrating the label's twentieth anniversary.
January 20, 2016, 6:08pm
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia commons

French label, Versatile Records, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year by remastering and reissuing some of its classic offerings, including a Daft Punk remix. The inaugural release of the series was announced today, and it's sure to set things off on a high note.

The record will come in the form of a two-track EP, and features Daft Punk's 1996 remix of I:Cube's "Disco Cubizm" on the A-Side, and a previously unreleased DJ Gregory remix of Cheek's "Venus Sunshine People" on the B-Side. The original version of Cheek's track is another classic of the era, notably making a pretty massive appearance in the robots' 1998 BBC Essential Mix.

Hear the Daft Punk remix below, and be sure to get your copy of the Disco Cubizm / Venus EP when it's out on March 18.

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