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Check Out These Photos Eats Everything Sent Us of His Early Raving Days

The camera remembers the big nights out, even if you don't!
All photos kindly given to us by Eats Everything.

Bristolian selector Dan Pearce is proof that hard work pays off. After toiling away for years and years down in the south west's capital city of culture, he now finds himself topping bills in some of the hugest clubs on the planet, and playing festival after festival, everywhere from Croatia to Carmarthen—if they have a festival there. Now synonymous with chunky, rolling, defiantly fun, big room house music as Eats Everything, Pearce is a firm fixture in the upper echelons of the European club scene.


Which meant that it wasn't surprising when fabric picked him to compile the latest entry in their long running mix series. If you've ever caught Pearce playing out, and by now you probably have, you'll know exactly what to expect. In the best way possible. Featuring the likes of Ame, Cajmere, and Mosca, it's easily the most fun pre-drinking mix we've heard since the one we knocked up together on Spotify six years ago.

To celebrate the release, Pearce decided to delve into an old shoebox full of archival photos to take us all on a fun little trip down memory lane.

Eats Everything: This is me and one of my best mates, Greg, who I used to DJ with as Dan Pearce & The Saint in the 90s and 00s. This was probably taken the afternoon before a night on the burners, on the roof garden of the Avon Gorge hotel in Clifton, Bristol, around 1998.

Yep, that's me, in some hideous get up at Glastonbury. I reckon this was probably taken in 2003, but my recollection of that year, and of that Glastonbury, is hazy at best!

Myself, and my mates Owen, Tim, Luke, Greg, Katy and Annabel on Bora Bora beach in ibiza. I reckon it was 2001 but it could have been before after, who the fuck knows? All I do know is that it was a belter of a day until we left and I got arrested by Guardia Civil. Which is a whole other story…

Me, DJing on my 18th Birthday on a Wednesday night in 1998 at Cafe Blue, Bristol. At this point I had already been force fed my bodyweight in vodka and absinthe and proceeded to spend more time on the floor throughout my set than on my feet. I also played the same record four times and every track ran to the end. A great birthday.


Twats. At Glastonbury.

Yep, it's me and the Ibiza gang again. Pre-arrest. Obviously!

Glasto, again, this time in the mud with Jay Toad, Lisa, Rodders, Amos, Jack, Nige, Jendall, me and my best mate John. He's the definition of bell-end, in case you wondered.

Taken at what was probably my favourite Glastonbury ever. It was a belter. My wife is there with me along with a whole host of my best mates. Glastonbury really is the best place in the world.

Eats Everything's fabric 86 mix is available now.

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