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Del Bel and Clairmont the Second Demand Us to "Do What the Bass Says"

When Torontonians are friendly with each other, the results are spectacular.

Toronto is the most chilly of Canada's big cities despite being the furthest south, mainly because our reputation as perpetual scowlers bears some degree of truth. But if there's one level Torontonians can connect on, it's musical collaboration, and cabaret-pop collective Del Bel have proved that again with their new song "Do What the Bass Says," featuring Clairmont the Second

Shifting their Portishead-inspired noir-jazz into odd, Brechtian reggae-synthpop, Del Bel's theatrical backing ends up being perfect for Clairmont to spit a careening verse. "Can't be God, it's impossible / if we can't relate if you don't dance," he raps after telling Satan to urge said partner to shake their ass. "I worked with Del Bel on this record because I thought their music was dope," says Clairmont. "I haven't rapped on anything like this before and I thought it'd be a cool challenge for myself; more of like a confirmation that I can rap or make a song to anything." Listen to "Do What the Bass Says" below.

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