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Rocket Science Lab Delivers An Animated Music Video That'll Leave Your Head Spinning

Motion graphic artist duo Vidya Sharma and Rajesh Thomas collide with pop musician D NOVA in a hyper-stimulating crossbreed of video techniques.

D NOVA - Genius Crazy from RocketscienceLab on Vimeo.

Set against a flashy, patterned terrain, hordes of dancing balloons, colored pencils, and spools of thread come together in a vivacious exhibition of animation technology. An overload of color and movement, the lively objects present a pop planet where spinning dudes in pink plaid shorts reign supreme.

In 2010, Indian directing duo Vidya Sharma and Rajesh Thomas combined their talents to form Rocket Science Lab under their mutual passion for video art technology. Since then, they have been creating music videos, commercials, and animations that investigate different methods and concepts in animation. Combining crafty materials, stop motion graphics, and live footage, the pieces are a collage of digital techniques that create a unique visual experience.

For their most recent project, the team synthesized a music video for pop artist D NOVA's track, “Genius Crazy.” In order to create an image that matched D NOVA’s electro crossbreed of 8-bit and club beats, Rocket Science Lab used a mixture of shots of a mannequin on a circulating base in front of a green screen with flat landscapes created in a 3D fashion.