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Fall into the Dark Fragments of Alexandra Savior's "Mirage"

Another stunning noir video from Portland's mystery girl.

Who's that girl? Which one is she? These are a couple of the pressing questions raised after watching Alexandra Savior's latest video for "Mirage," premiering below. We've been tracking Ms. Savior, the Portland-born singer, for the past six plus months. Each song—"Shades," "Mystery Girl," "M.T.M.E.," "Risk"—graceful, slinky cuts that reveal another facet of what's in store. "Mirage" is another bewitching tune from her forthcoming debut album, Belladonna of Sadness (out via Columbia on April 7th), a collaborative effort with Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. "Mirage" is possibly the finest yet: there's a sashay to her melody, a spectral quality to those synths, an appealing insouciance in the way she delivers the line, "La di da, we sing songs about whatever the fuck they want."


Visually this video is rich like a deep red syrah and featuring Savior in many incarnations: the quiver-lipped ingenue, the commanding chanteuse, the half-glimpsed girl in a mirror, the doe on the run. Perhaps she's all these women, artfully stitched together, transforming and shedding her images as she sees fit. It's very Hitchcock meets French New Wave meets Rosemary's Baby, which is quite the sweet spot.

"This song nearly didn't make the cut, but it grew on me," she explains. "It tells a nice story from the perspective of the performer and often, when I perform it live, the audience seems uncomfortable."

Watch below.

Alexandra Savior Tour Dates:
3/15 – 3/18 – SXSW – Austin, TX
4/26 Oslo – London, UK
4/27 Nouveau Casino – Paris, France
4/28 Quasimodo – Berlin, Germany
5/30 – 6/4 – Primavera Sound – Barcelona, Spain
5/26 – 5/28 – Boston Calling – Boston, MA
6/8 – 6/11 – Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Manchester, TN

"Mirage" is out now.