Get Ready To Cry Purple Tears Because Prince's Catalog is Coming to Streaming Services

FINALLY, I can weep along to "Purple Rain" on the bus whenever I want!
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 31, 2017, 9:56am

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

How many times have you felt a bit hungover, a bit vulnerable, and known that the only thing that could possibly salve your sore head and your broken body was the sweet, tender sound of Prince Rogers Nelson? And how many times have you, prone, pulled your laptop towards you with weak arms, anticipating the happiness you will feel in just a few moments when you are serenaded by "Little Red Corvette," before realizing that Prince's music isn't actually on your streaming service of choice (unless you forgot to cancel your TIDAL membership after you got it to watch Lemonade), dooming you to a Prince-less abyss? If you are me, this has happened to you between five and ten times in your life. However, I need no longer worry, as the late, great Prince—notoriously protective over his work, and famously absent from most mainstream streaming services, bar TIDAL—is reportedly coming to Spotify and Apple Music as of February 12.

A source told the New York Post that the music will be released during the Grammy Awards, when "the switch gets turned on for everybody." And mysterious purple banners from Spotify have popped up in New York and London, seeming to confirm all of our deepest hopes. On February 12, therefore, the world gets a little more brighter, a little happier, a little bit more purple. And also I can cry to "Sometimes it Snows in April" on the bus at will now.

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