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Actress Brie Larson Went from Vinyl DJ to Oscar Winner

The actress shared old pics from her DJing days on her Instagram.

On Friday, Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson paid tribute to her former life as a DJ on her Instagram page.

"I used to DJ," Larson wrote. "It was the "real" job that floated me while I auditioned for the movies I never got.

According to her Instagram post, Larson DJed at "magazine parties" and "hotel bars on weekends" because she was unable to survive as a struggling actress on the Screen Actors Guild minimum. Larson said she loved to spin rare foreign covers of Beatles songs, ye-ye singers and soul. She also apparently only spun vinyl.

This is not the first time Larson revealed her DJing past. In 2015, Larson shared her tips for how to DJ any party with GQ. In the short video for the site, she said aspiring DJs should "always bring more records than you think that you need," and always have a couple of jams that instantly perk up the audience.

"I was hustling, but I got people dancing and hund with my other DJ friends," she wrote. "I'm grateful for where I am now, but want to give a toast to the life I lived before. To all the dreamers with day jobs, I see you, don't give up. There is beauty in your journey."