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The More You Sweat, the Better This Perfume Smells

Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratories just changed your subway ride forever.
Image: Creative Commons

Say goodbye to smelly subway cars and self-conscious armpit sniffing: researchers at the Queen’s Univeristy Ionic Liquid Laboratories (QUILL) have set out to eliminate BO once and for all. Likened by the team to anti-odor laundry detergent, QUILL’s special perfume hacks into the process of perspiration, releasing its fragrance when it comes into contact with water. In other words, the more you sweat, the better you smell.


The perfume’s compound comprises a raw fragrance and an ionic liquid (a scent-less salt in liquid form). Through “slow and controlled delivery,” this compound establishes its own “equilibrium” so as to maintain the sustained-yet-tasteful release of odor-fighting fragrance. Whilst spreading the fragrance through the user’s sweat, the perfume also takes on an offensive stance, attracting the thiol compounds responsible for body odor, entrapping them, and reducing their stink.

Upon announcing the discovery, project leader, Dr. Nimal Gunaratne remarked, "Not only does it have great commercial potential, and could be used in perfumes and cosmetic creams, but it could also be used in others area of science, such as the slow release of certain substances of interest." For more of the science behind QUILL’s discovery, check out their chemical breakdown in Chemical Communications or visit their website.

Via Science Daily


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