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World Leaders Are Monsters in These Distorted Collages

Lola Dupré makes twisted portraits of presidents and the Pope.
All images courtesy of Lola Dupré

With scissors, glue, and tape, the Irish artist Lola Dupré collaged famous politicians in her series Political Portraiture. She tells The Creators Project"Who says you have to take world leaders seriously?" Her portraits make her subjects appear meaner and dumber and that is exactly what Dupre wants: "I think everything should be a subject for humor. Politicians are sometimes very funny."

The transformed faces usually take a few hours to make, but sometimes several days. "The faces of these world leaders work very well because everyone already has a mental image of them. I also think that they represent different problems in the world. That's something we need to talk about," she says.


Dupré made a special Netherlands piece at my request, a version of 'our' Mark Rutte. Without being aware of his political past, she managed to protray him oddly well: we see a politician that can laugh without words but finds that his "vision" is not very important.

View a selection of the portraits below:

Go to Dupré the website for more information.

A version of this article originally appeared The Creators Project Netherlands.


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