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Intricate Digital Collage Turns Chinese Landscape Into Sprawling Wonderland

These 'shan shui'-inspired photo-collages by Yang Yongliang immerse the spectator in a landscape of unchecked, organic urban sprawl.
May 29, 2014, 4:00pm

Neither stranger to creating wonderment nor to The Creators Project, Chinese artist Yang Yongliang has constructed a new series of digitally-manipulated photographic collages that include sprawling urban landscapes embedded in shan shui-esque terrain.

From the New World, Yongliang's newest collage is so large and intricate, the 13' x 26' Ultragiclee print stretches the effective length of an extra-large Uhaul moving truck. It's a massive feat of digital manipulation, albeit one not unusual for Yongliang's practice.


Featured below, From the New World is an extraordinary imagining of a future skyline filled with cranes and skyscrapers, wherein cities themselves are fused with nature:

For more detailed images of From the New World, visit Yang Yongliang's websiteh/t ThisisColossal

Also, revisit our exclusive documentary featurette on Yang Yongliang:


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