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Best Of The Rest: Museums Shaped Like Cop Hats, Every Color Imaginable, And A Photo Of Birds Drinking Crocodile Tears

The week in creativity is here!
May 9, 2014, 11:20pm

This week, The Creators Project got a behind-the-scenes look at how they duplicated Jesse Eisenberg in The Double, talked with EMA about technological taboo and her new album The Future's Void, and found out how Kara Walker built a 75-foot-long sugar sphinx inside the abandoned Domino Sugar Factory. For every other cool thing that happened this week, here's the best of the rest…

This week we….

…Saw this very #rare photo of a bird and butterfly drinking crocodile tears (so hardcore). [Sploid]

…Wanted to wear this color-changing fabric so our clothes would finally match. [Prosthetic Knowledge]

…Thought about the money it cost to send a jouranlist out to Morocco to hear a clip of the new Wu-Tang Clan album and get "the scoop" that Cher makes a cameo. [Forbes]

…Had our minds blown about the possibilities of using this material substance that heals like skin for medicine. [Txchnologist]

…Watched this lady draw images of dicators and then erase them because #art. [Vimeo]

…Reveled in the genuis that is Ezra Koenig's soundtrack to the @seinfeld2000 video game. [Pitchfork]

…Were introduced to PhotoShop/Pantone's great-great-great grandmother with this 800-page book that included every color imaginable. [This Is Colossal]

…Planned an upcoming heist in the Dubai museum that's being built to look like a police hat. [Complex]

…Gawked at these astronauts practicing how to drill an asteroid under water. [Gizmodo]

…Got some Alex Grey vibes from this digital timelapse of psychedelic drudge. [Vimeo]

What else did we miss! Please share other cool creativity in our comments section below. See you next week!