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Band Ignites 400 Photos for Fiery Stop-Motion Music Video

Videographer and graphic designer Christophe Thockler set 400 photos ablaze to create the stop-motion music video for Victoria+Jean's "Why Won't You."
November 26, 2014, 5:00pm

Images courtesy of the artist

To create Why Won’t You, the new pyrotechnic music video for the Europe-born two-piece Victoria+Jean, videographer and graphic designer Christophe Thockler took 8,500 photos and set 400 of them ablaze, resulting in a red-hot stop-motion animation. Explains Thockler on his website, Victoria's fiery vocals combined with Jean's growling guitar provided “the perfect playground for me to play with rhythm, stop-motion, fast paced sequences, and of course, onirism and symbolism," and also gave him the excuse to mess around with 10 liters of gasoline and 1 kg of explosive powder.


Previously, Thockler's Vimeo Staff-Picked Cusp required that the artist melt 40 blocks of ice down using with 25 liters of water—the result was 5.75 minutes of chilling visuals. This time around, however, Thockler turns up the heat, creating visions of “sparkles, flames, smokes, and explosions” that we're getting warm just watching.

Below, some images from Why Won’t You:

The leftover photos from the making of Why Won’t You will be used as special editions covers for Victoria+Jean’s forthcoming first album, Divine Love. Check out more of Christophe Thockler’s videos on the artist’s Vimeo and website. Related links:

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