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A Rainbow of Light Takes Over the Amsterdam Central Station

Studio Roosegaarde harnesses space-grade liquid crystal technology for to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the railway station.
All (C) Studio Roosegaarde/Pim Hendriksen

The last time we checked in with Studio Roosegaarde, they were designing glow-in-the-dark highways, and bike paths inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Now, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Amsterdam Central Station, which 250,000 people trek through daily, and to commemorate the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015, they've created a giant rainbow of light for the railway station's east side. Known as Rainbow Station, the installation will be visible an hour after sunset every evening through December 2015.


Roosegaarde collaborated with astronomers at the University of Leiden to harness the same liquid crystal technology used for research on exoplanets. Together, they developed a lens projector that could "unravel light into a spectrum of colours." In the coming year, approximately 50 million travelers will glimpse the near 150' x 80' rainbow over Platform 2b.

Below, check out more photos of Rainbow Station:

Rainbow Station by Daan Roosegaarde from Studio Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

(C) Studio Roosegaarde/Pim Hendriksen

(C) Studio Roosegaarde/Pim Hendriksen

(C) Studio Roosegaarde/Pim Hendriksen

(C) Studio Roosegaarde/Pim Hendriksen


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