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Beautifully Minimalist Projection-Mapped Tile Designs

Pablo Valbuena's Time Tilings [stuk] uses simple geometric patterns to enhance a floor space.
August 27, 2013, 2:38pm

Artist Pablo Valbuena has brought a video projection twist to tile design with his site-specific project Time Tilings [stuk]. Using minimalist design the tiles are given animated life as part of the Artefact Festival in Belgium, where carefully placed geometric light patterns augment the floor space.

The delicate and minimalist nature of the designs make them all the more compelling to watch, as some of the forms seem to come from nowhere, suddenly erupting onto the tfloor and then disappearing again for a mesmerizing spectacle.


Valbuena's work often involves video projection on architecture, where he uses simple geometric patterns to change and enchance a space through projected light. "I am interested in using light as a physical material, suitable for building space like concrete or bricks." he says. "I use video projection with perspective and anamorphosis techniques to build ‘perceptual extensions’ of the actual physical space, extending the limits of what is physically real to what is perceptually real."

Images: Pablo Valbuena

[via Triangulation Blog]