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Short Film Swims the Depths of a Fully-Electric Future

A fish, a dream, and a neon look at the future.
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Created by Luke Saunders, The Fisherman video captures a cartoon-like intersection of a vibrant world of mollusks and fish, and the buzzing electric realm of a futuristic society. With an emotive score, the animation’s sugar-coated look is the candy wrapping to a genuine, sweet storyline centered around the sacredness of family. The brief animation opens up on a meeting of a father and daughter. The father, a scientist, has a momentary revelation that prompts him to rise from the work table and reach for a pair of lab goggles that resemble today’s VR headsets. From there, without giving away too much, the viewer dives into a compelling tale powered by electricity and forwarded by the chase for one elusive fish.


To see more from the Vimeo channel behind The Fisherman, visit the DUST page, here.


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