[Premiere] 3D Dream Paintings Reach Ecstasy in This Music Video

A series of digital paintings explore the idea of “ekstatikos” in Patrice Olivier ACARDY's new music video for The Wanderer’s track, “E X T A T I Q U E.”
January 3, 2017, 6:45pm
Images courtesy the artist

A 3D sculpture represents the permanent tension between digital sound textures and the “real sound” of musical instruments in filmmaker Patrice Olivier ACARDY's new music video for The Wanderer’s new single, “E X T A T I Q U E” (via InFiné). The video, as ACARDY tells The Creators Project, is envisioned as a series of digital paintings that explore the idea of ekstatikos, or the ecstatic.

“[It’s about] the ‘misguidance of the mind’ and the mystical state of full union with God,” ACARDY explains. “More than a single title, it translates an idea of infinity, a state of self-abandonment and an alliance. Both in music and in video is translated the idea of duration, detachment and full confidence.”

Working with The Wanderer's conceptual input, ACARDY designed each frame as a painting using 3D and fractal rendering techniques. He also tried to give each image and the overall procession of visuals a poetic tone that matched the The Wanderer’s music.

“I'm very close to surreal artists,” says ACARDY of his approach to art and video. “The surrealists do not seek to interpret dreams or the unconscious—they reveal them aesthetically. It is a kind of dream creation through painting.”

Like the Surrealists, ACARDY tried to put himself in a dream state to create the visuals for “ “E X T A T I Q U E,” as well as the EP, ArchiTextures.

“The idea was to talk about the human being and its inscription in an environment,” ACARDY explains. “The interpretation of the visual elements will remain at the discretion of the listener.”

Click here to see more of Patrice Olivier ACARDY’s work.


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