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10 Sculptures That'll Make You Think Twice About Your Trash

Artist Elisa Insua turns e-waste and plastic toy parts into gorgeous pop-culture mosaics.

Argentinian-based artist Elisa Insua sees beauty everywhere--in specific, the trash. Repurposing cheap plastic toys, e-waste, beads, money, and pretty much everything else you can think of, the 3D collagist assembles vivid images based on popular culture. Turning junk into genuine magic, call it blasphemy but we can't help but think that the above Darth Vader epic reminds us just a little of Gustav Klimt.


In her series, available in its entirity here, Insua creates…

…a  delicious-looking ice cream cone out of beads.

…a gameboy controller out of tiny toys.

…a good-luck cat out of scrillah.

…a T.Rex from old screws.

…a donut out of the remnants of Barbie's dream house.

…a Donatella Versace out of wine corks. Fitting!

…someone named RICKY RICÓN out of candy wrappers and clothes pins.

….a My Little Poney out of stuff you find behind the seat cushions.

…and finally…floating continents made of trash. But wait! We already have that.

As we all try to find new and compelling ways to reuse the world's seemingly endless supply of modern waste it's interesting to see what artists like Insua are able to accomplish with our unwanted junk. Maybe she should swing by Montreal and say hi to some of these ladies.

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