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Digitally Rendered Ocean Life Swarms Coral Reefs in These Images

NastPlas explores the deep below in ‘Eldkeila.’
March 12, 2016, 2:00pm

Spain-based duo NastPlas— made up of artist/illustrator Fran R. Learte (aka drFranken) and creative director Natalia Molinos (aka Na)— uses digital tools to explore the abstract forms found in nature. The duo’s Eldkeila series portrays natural elements like coral reef, fungus and seashells.

Eldkeila is a study based on nature and its forms,” drFranken tells The Creators Project. “Our works are always inspired by nature, geometric shapes, textures and science. This work is based on a topographical exploration of the earth's features, its layers, the formation of the earth's crust and the bottom of the sea.”


The team creates these pieces based on forms that you find “in the least expected places” that show “a unique beauty.” The works teeter on the line between natural and artificial. The background color of each piece mimics the overall shade of the forms, framing each as if displaying a complex specimen.

Each piece encourages the viewer to “enjoy the evolution of the growth of a fungus or movement of small beings living on a reef and see how [they are] completely transformed, in a very short time.”

To learn more about NastPlas, click here.


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