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Drones Take You on a Summer Tour of Russia

Soar over the city of Samara in this short film from TASMA DIGITAL.
January 1, 2016, 2:00pm

The ferris wheel in Samara City, Russia, from the perspective of a drone. GIF by the author, via

While one might imagine Russian summers as being besieged by blizzards and permafrost, the city of Samara enjoys its share of greenery and sunshine, as evidenced by this soaring drone footage, titled AERIAL SAMARA 2014. From local production company TASMA DIGITAL, the aerial footage features stunning natural vistas, fairs, and even soccer acrobatics from above, soaring through a ferris wheel and capturing the spirit of the bustling city from bridge to bridge. The drone punctuates its airborne tour with lightning-fast whip pans timed to the soundtrack of "Chronicles Of A Fallen" by The Bloody Beetroots, amping up the speed of the short film.


Check out the full video and a few of our favorite bird's eye view snapshots from AERIAL SAMARA 2014 below:

Screencaps via

Visit TASMA DIGITAL's Vimeo page to find more examples of their work.


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