Sometimes Sports Are Good


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Sometimes Sports Are Good

There was a very nice and cool display of sportsmanship during Leicester-Man City over the weekend.
December 15, 2014, 5:36pm

There's a lot of shit to put up with being a sports fan; corruption, asshole owners, asshole commissioners, asshole players, asshole fans, and asshole teams litter the sportsosphere, but every now and then good, nice things happen. Like this weekend at King Power Stadium when Leicester and Manchester City played.

Esteban Cambiasso had a long-range free kick attempt that sent Joe Hart sprawling for the save. After the save, Hart flashed Cambiasso a smiling thumbs up, appreciative of his effort and Cambiasso returned in kind. Who knows if we would have seen a similar display of mutual respect if Hart hadn't made the save, but forget hypotheticals, this was a cool moment between two competitors.