How You Can Help the World Understand Illegal Drugs

Last year, we discovered all sorts of things about the ways in which humans consume narcotics, and with your help, we can do exactly the same for 2016.
December 12, 2016, 2:28pm

Last year, we discovered that the British take more MDMA in one sitting than people of any other nationality. We also found out that 2015 was the worst time in recent history to use the drug, thanks to stronger and therefore more dangerous pills being introduced to the market.

Away from the sort of drugs that make you want to take a bath with a stranger, it was also revealed that synthetic cannabinoids—i.e. Spice, i.e. the stuff former prisoners are hiding inside themselves while re-offending so they can be sent back inside and sell the stuff for profit—is the substance most likely to land you in the hospital, while vegans using NOS might be more susceptible when it comes to developing nerve damage than anyone else huffing on balloons.

How did we discover all of this? Because the Global Drug Survey (which is exactly what it sounds like: a survey of drug users across the globe) got more than 100,000 people to tell them how and when they use drugs, turned all the data from those respondents into Actually Interesting Snippets of Information, and released all that information to the world.

This year they're doing exactly the same thing, with a focus on a few particular topics: medicinal cannabis, drug vaping, and whether or not psychedelics really can change your world. As in: Did you actually develop an extrasensory perception for the energy given off by that wheat field, or were you just extremely fucked?

The survey is completely anonymous and open to anyone over the age of 16. If you want to get involved and help the experts better understand how we as a planet use drugs, head to the official site and click through the questions.