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This Is an Art

Artist unknown.

DJ Khaled is having quite a time at this weekend's NBA All-Star festivities in New Orleans. Look in the background of just about any photograph, and you'll see America's life coach staring back at you, willing you to have fun, to keep going, to be your best you. He's also the weekend's go-to DJ, soundtracking whatever the NBA needs for the weekend, from the 3-point contest to the Celebrity All-Star Game (starring Arcade Fire's Win Butler).


Last night, however, he stepped it up. This is an art:

Compositionally, the photograph is flawless. DeAndre Jordan, large lad of the Los Angeles Clippers, is focused on the hoop, readying himself to dunk, aware only of Khaled's presence as a large golf tee. Khaled, for his part, is doing Khaled; this is an opportunity to Snapchat and, thus, he is unaware of Jordan's presence as anything more than a guest star on his social media account. We have all of this happening in tandem, the real world colliding with the digital. Our museum is Instagram.

Chance the Rapper watches on in amazement. Last night's dunk contest may have been dull, but it did provide us with an art.

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