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Chef's Night Out: Josef Centeno

Between the great wine, crazy Grateful Dead stories, and ridiculously nice crudités, Josef Centeno knows how to do a night out like a boss in the City of Angels.

Josef Centeno is the king of the downtown LA dining scene. He owns and operates four restaurants on a single street, all serving different cuisines—it's an impressive operation to say the least.

We follow Josef for a very mellow night (to say the least) out in Los Angeles. The first stop is Silverlake Wine to visit with the owner Randy and sample a few top-notch wines and cheeses. Then it's a few miles down the road to Alimento, the new quasi-Italian restaurant run by chef Zach Pollack. Over dinner, we learn that Josef has been to over 250 Grateful Dead shows and only started cooking because Jerry Garcia died. And after Alimento, we roll over to K-Town to The Normandie Club for cocktails, and then wrap the night back at Orsa & Winston with egg salad sandwiches and some of the nicest crudités you've ever seen.