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Stream the New EP from Hip-Hop Weirdos Know V.A.

The newest additions to the Netherlands-based Low Riders crew sounds like a cross between Dirty South beats, skweee, and LuckyMe.
April 4, 2014, 10:30pm

Big day today: we've got an exclusive stream of the latest from Dutch collective Low Riders. We covered their offering from Arts The Beatdoctor a little while back and now the label's got number 16 cued up for a release next week.

This one's a six-track EP titled O Horizon, and it comes courtesy of Know V.A., aka Hoax and Riff Raff (no, not that Riff Raff), two lads from Amsterdam. They apparently made waves at Amsterdam's 5daysoff festival with their disorienting, slow-moving, and spacious instrumental hip-hop—but it's hard to call it "hip-hop," because it's not so cut and dry. It's all bling'ed out with electronic tones and comes across like a combination of Dirty South beats, skweee, and LuckyMe.

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