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How to Submit Your Stories to Terraform

Now that we've ​terraformed a new home for future fiction, we need you to help us populate it. ​

Now that we've terraformed a new home for future fiction, we need you to help us populate it.

Submissions for Terraform are open to the public, and the ask is simple: We're looking for 2,000 words or fewer—a nice, digestible internet length—of speculative fiction honing in on the tech, science, and future culture topics driving the zeitgeist.

We're looking especially for nearer-future fiction; think a bit more along the lines of sentient chat bots or climate-changed dystopias and less far-flung alien space operas. And we don't care what form it comes in: Classic-style SF short stories, social media posts from beyond the horizon, fictive data dumps, experimental graphic narratives, and so on. Our baseline rate is $0.20 a word.


Please limit one story per submission. Include a brief, one or two sentence-long description of the story in the body of the email, along with the word count, and any description about yourself or your publication history you'd like to add. We are not currently considering previously published works.

Remember, we'll run one new story every week. Terraform is a qualifying market for the Science Fiction Writers of America.

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming number of submissions we receive, we can no longer respond to every one of them. If you have not heard from us within four months, you can assume the story has not been accepted for publication.

Send submissions to terraform.motherboard (at) Please do not email the Motherboard editor inbox with Terraform queries.

We're looking forward to reading your dispatches from the future.