Dada Plan's "Til We Choke" Video Is a Meta-Textual, Postmodern Trip That Warrants These Big Words

This video has vaping satire in it, so you know it's advanced.
August 10, 2016, 2:33pm

No, we didn't mess up this screencap.

Vancouver experimenters Dada Plan aren't really about our interconnected modern world and their latest video for "Til We Choke" raises a funhouse mirror to the inanities of how we live today. From parody YouTube ads about vaping to stark, weirdly cathartic images of people weeping profusely into selfie cams, the video defies easy explanation but it's definitely a statement of some sort through its memorable scenes and unsettling tone.

"Last summer, while our province was enveloped in the flames of a forest fire crisis, the idea of making a music video seemed distant," said the band in a statement. "Why on earth would anybody care about watching tiny people lip-synching to pop music on their iPhone while their physical surroundings literally vanished around them? But what if in times of complacency real crisis struck on your phone, and the things that really shook you took place in your hand, on a screen, instead of in the banal corners of everyday existence?" Experience the "Til We Choke" video below.

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