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Brent Faiyaz's "Poison" Is an Elixir You'll Want a Stiff Shot Of

When the girl's no good but you keep coming back. "Poison" may also inspire erotic emotions when listened to in the workplace, so, you know, press play!

Brent Faiyaz’s new single "Poison" is the record you need to be listening to right this moment. The 20-year-old rather mysterious singer from Maryland keeps a relatively low profile when it comes to revealing himself to the public though when you listen to his music it’s almost as if you’ve known him your entire life—which is a bit strange especially since he’s only released three tracks to date. "Poison" is now the newest tune to be added to his catalog and one which touts an immensely sexy vibe that almost forces you to get lost in a deep hole of provocative feelings and fantasies. This may or may not stimulate awkward emotions in the workplace.


"We just got back to Hollywood from a late session and my producer Ben [Free] came to me with the rough idea of a song called 'Poison' and played it like it was nothing special," he explains. "After the third line I knew I had to sing that. I was waiting for that record. It was about a girl that was no good for him. We sat down, wrote it out around his story and built it like a movie. I would've never thought of that. It challenged my writing and made me work outside of my comfort zone vocally and conceptually." Over the recent years we’ve seen the rise of genreless R&B where the tone and overall feel of the music exudes R&B, yet the production expands far past the smooth and slow paced beat choices that are usually paired with some of the classics. Recent examples of this range from Miguel to Bryson Tiller to Frank Ocean—just a few of the comparisons that the now LA-based singer has received since releasing his first track "Natural Release" in 2014. However Faiyaz's melodic choices, use of instruments, and storytelling allow him his own merits. The young singer is also gearing up to drop his debut project Side A: AM Paradox EP later on this year, but until then listen to his new LP below.