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MadeinTYO Says Thank You and Premieres His New Mixtape 'Thank You, Mr. Tokyo'

The rapper who gave us "Uber Everywhere" delivers a new tape featuring production from KSwisha, perfect for driving through Atlanta, LA, or maybe even Yokusuka.

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MadeInTYO, by 2016 standards, has already earned his stripes. "Uber Everywhere" is a certified hit with a remix featuring Travis Scott, plus he has a track with 2Chainz to his name. Even so, we're still waiting for MadeInTYO to join his rightful place amongst to new rap canon.

Like his counterparts, his music might sound like something you’d expect from a guy who graduated from high school in Tokyo only to move back to Atlanta to become a rapper: some part Lil Uzi Vert and some part Playboi Carti with traditional Japanese cover art, MadeInTyo is actually the perfect encapsulation of the “New Atlanta” scene.

His music balances 2009­Waka­esqueabrasiveness and post­-Keefian vocal finesse, and his new tape Thank You, Mr. Tokyo—which we're premiering below—features plenty of production from K­Swisha, another “New Atlanta” mainstay who’s produced for Rich The Kid and ShyGlizzy. There’s lots of talk of going to the A and back to LA (and some Japan references as well), generating a sense that MadeInTyo’s sound is just as international as his upbringing. Plus it's a fun, and immensely listenable tape, and something that would probably sound really good coming from any car speakers ­whether you’re driving to Atlanta, LA, or maybe even Yokusuka, Japan if you make it out there.

Here's TYO's message to accompany the tape: "Your kid ain't gone have to work for shit .. If we do this right !!! I will never yes man your shit , just like you would never do that with my shit .. I got your back forever - 24hrs."

Bump this shit, and have a great weekend.