We "Swear to God," Mic Outlaw's New Video Is a Rags-to-Riches Story for the Ages

This Brampton rapper's come-up anthem is urgent and empowering.
August 10, 2016, 7:10pm

Brampton rapper Mic Outlaw begins his video for "Swear to God" on the street corner, shoes falling apart, holding a cardboard sign that reads "IF IT WAS YOU." But soon, he's James Harden, he's Kanye, he's the embodiment of success and he's trying to teach that knowledge to his friends who haven't made it yet. Mic's aggressive bark of a voice also stands out from the crop of melodic Toronto MCs, giving urgency to statements like "You might be on the block wearing Air Force Ones / But I can fly in this city in that Air Force One."

"My new visuals for 'Swear to God' tell a story from the perspective of a homeless youth," says Mic Outlaw. "My main reason to make this visual come to life comes from seeing my best friend go through the worst trials and tribulations in that life." Watch the "Swear to God" video below.

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