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August 17, 2009, 9:44pm

When you hop on shoulders it's at a festival to see what the heck's going on up there on the stage, or to get over a fence, or to pluck a shiny apple off the Crimson Crisp tree, or if you're a little kid and your legs are tired. But Ralph's an adult who doesn't need to reach stuff. His passion for riding the human body is unrivaled in the depths of obsessive Youtube behavior. We're talking 114 gems at last count. He's been at this awhile but he's been so busy sitting on guys that we were only just now able to catch up with him. He was extremely happy to share, and even sent personal pictures from his collection with his recent signor from Sweden.


Hi Ralph. Would you say you are obsessed with shoulder riding? Do you think your Youtube account reflects your passion for it properly or do you think there is more you can do?


Yes I think I am obsessed with shoulder-riding. But I also like to sit on the back, face and then I like also trampling on back or chest. For me it is like a sexual fetish. But it is also fun for me.

Do you prefer to ride or be ridden?
I really prefer to ride, but it is also ok to ride on me. It makes no difference if a girl or boy is riding me. Do you have a day job? Do people outside of the internet know about your online presence?
I am working in a insurance company in the office the day over. Only two friends outside knows it.

Well, cat might be out of the bag now. If someone was to describe you as weird or strange or perverted, how would you respond?
I have no problem with this. At Youtube the most time I don't answer to the bad comments.

Tell me a little about your Youtube account. 114 videos! Do you have fans who confide in you?
I have a lot of Youtube friends because of the ridings. When you go on dates in person, do you ask to ride their shoulders straight away?
People who are gay I am asking for ridings. At a festival last weekend I asked a boy if he could carry me. He did it!! I hope to find more people for riding and carrying. I prefer older people to ride on.

Where do you hope this will lead in the future?
I wish to ride on black guys, if it is possible.

That is a decent goal.