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Police May Have Found a Secret Meth Lab Under a Walmart Parking Lot

Walmart shoppers watched as crews in hazmat suits pulled evidence up through the parking lot's manhole.
Photo via AMC and Flickr user Mike Mozart

On Monday, police in western New York uncovered what they believe to be a subterranean meth lab hidden beneath the parking lot of an Amherst Walmart, NBC reports.

Amherst police were reportedly just doing a routine patrol of the area when they happened upon an open culvert running below the store's parking lot. When they popped their heads down there, the cops found a bunch of chemicals, spray paint, and what they believe to be methamphetamine.

Hazmat crews were called to the scene, and they set up shop right there in the lot, taping the area off and dropping down into the suspected lab through a manhole. Surrounding shoppers watched as the crews brought up chemicals in large white buckets before testing it. Authorities are currently sifting through Walmart's security footage in hopes of finding a suspect.

No one has been charged yet, and authorities have sent off the evidence for more tests, so we'll have to wait and see if the police actually found meth or just a large quantity of donut glaze.

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