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Marissa Shephard Faces Murder Charge After Being Caught Near Moncton Hotel

Those arrested with Shephard have been charged with aiding her. The 20-year-old woman has avoided police for more than 10 weeks.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
March 2, 2016, 4:29pm
Marissa Shephard, 20, faced murder charges in court Wednesday. Screenshots via Youtube.

Marissa Shephard faced charges of first-degree murder and arson in a Moncton, New Brunswick courtroom Wednesday morning following her arrest yesterday.

Shephard, 20, was apprehended by RCMP outside a Comfort Inn Tuesday at around 12:30 PM, following a tip from a member of the public. Stephen Nagle and Krystal Toole, who were with Shephard at the time, were also arrested.

Shephard had been on the run since mid-December and was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for her alleged involvement in the violent murder of Baylee Wylie, 18.


According to the CBC, Toole was charged with aiding Shephard while she was wanted for first-degree murder while Nagle, father to Shephard's four-year-old son, was charged with assisting Shephard, aiding her escape, and breaking a court order to stay away from Toole. Toole and Nagle are a couple, Global News reports.

Nagle reportedly cried out in court when he heard the charges against him. "This is ridiculous I thought she was dead," he said, adding Shephard "was going to turn herself in that night."

The trio has been ordered to have no contact with each other.

Wylie was discovered dead in a burned out triplex in Moncton Dec. 17.

Shephard was on the run for more than 10 weeks; during that time RCMP released several images of her, emphasizing that she was capable of changing her looks. (She basically went really heavy on facial contouring.) While police said she could have been anywhere, she was captured just a kilometre away from where the murder took place.

Two other men, Devin Morningstar and Tyler Noel, both 18, have been charged with his murder.

Shephard's next court appearance is March 18.

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