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A New Mag Is Born – "43" Launch Party Tonight

"43" is a new skateboarding magazine without a scum-sucking corporate brainwash scheme. Come to the launch party.

Has skating really lost its soul? No! Putting one foot down, turning it around, and moving forward is 43, the forgotten term for a no-comply, and also the name of a new magazine dedicated to skateboarding. Allen Ying, a New York-based skate photographer and the creator of 43, wanted to make a new kind of skate mag focused on quality photography and the arts. The publication will be large format (about the size of a record) and printed on eco-friendly paper with recycled solvents, making this a 100 percent post-consumer recycled waste magazine. The images will be high-res and vibrant, with the commercial commentary turned off. No scum-sucking corporate brainwash scheme, no video game ads, and no mall-oriented pop culture-based marketing. 43 captures skating in its most genuine form. It is to be treasured, collected, and fully backed by anyone who cares at all about the power of independent publishing.


Here are some sneaky peaks from the little preview zine:

The official premiere of 43 issue #1 is tonight at Recess Art. The first issue features the work of Eric Antoine, Brendan Klein, Brian Gaberman, Hendrik Herzmann, Ian O'Connor, Andrew Peters, Marcel Veldman, and (duh) Allen. The magazine is free and this show/launch is one night only. Don't miss it.

43 magazine launch party
41 Grand St.
6 - 11 PM