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BABYGHOST's Winter GIF Lookbook

Nobody wants to look at winter clothes during summer, so we made GIFs inspired by the Winter lookbook of BABYGHOST, one of our favorite new design duos.
June 28, 2014, 7:57pm

Photo courtesy of BABYGHOST

It's that time of the year again where we find ourselves drowning in emails with inbox-crippling attachments from fashion designers and PR agents, who are trying to force next season's hottest collections down our throats. Spring/Summer announcements are typically blasted out in the middle of winter, when everyone is freezing their asses off and dreaming of warmer climates as well as all of the apparel and accessories that goes along with hot weather. By default, they're pretty well received, but Fall/Winter lookbooks really get the short end of the stick, since they're pushed out during the summer months when most people would rather jump in front of an oncoming train than think about wearing more layers—even if their crotches are firmly stuck to hot, sweaty subway seats.


So to reignite our interest in body-covering fashions before autumn rolls through, we decided to ask Qiaoran Huang and Joshua Hupper of BABYGHOST, one of our new favorite upcoming design duos, to give us a few keywords that describe their new collection to help us figure out whether or not we're the “kind of girls” that would wear their clothing, if we could actually think about putting anything against our sunburned skin. We then photographed a model in their clothing and photoshopped her into different scenarios based off the phrases they provided, creating our very own GIF lookbook that is, at the very least, really sick for us to look at.

GIFs and artwork by Annette Lamothe-Ramos. Photos by Amanda Merten 

Question #1

VICE: What inspired your Fall/Winter 2014 collection?

BABYGHOST: Snowboarding.

Question #2

How would you describe the stereotypical BABYGHOST girl? 

She's pretty confident and believes in magic.

Question #3

Where does she live?

She Lives on Rivington between Orchard and Ludlow.

Question #4

Where would you find this girl on the streets?

Shopping with her man at Supreme.

Question #5

What other word would you use to describe her?


Stylist: Miyako Bellizzi 
Model: Emily Wroe

All clothing by BABYGHOST